An Amazing Water Filter System

I recently have discovered a very usable survival water filter system in which I have become extremely interested. People from Africa love this filter, both for its powerful actions that can change rains, lake and dirty river water into clean and drinkable water immediately and, most importantly, for the way it catches 99.99 % of bacteria.


I do hope that IDPs from my homeland could benefit from it as well in the future.

It is a survival water filter that can be used as a portable water filter or house water filter in a big family. It consists of a ceramic element which connects with a one meter long silicone hose, and connector vacuum ball. I found out that it is very easy to use it in an emergency situations.

First, simply put the ceramic filter into any source water container; this water source should be placed higher than the clean water container/bottle, and then run the hose down to the clean water container by pressing on and off for a bout several seconds on the vacuum ball to flow the water down through the hose. It can get 5 to 6 liters of clean water per hour that is ready to drink.


More importantly, what I love about this filter is that it effectively can turn the dirty yellow water color into clean and clear water. This is just FANTASTIC!!

During my research and learning about amazing filter, I have come to admire its benefits: it stops and catches 99.999% of bacteria, as a high flow rate, uses no electricity, and is low cost and eco-friendly, all in one package. With the supports of the organization I know of and my own guidance, I will continue to learn more about the environmental facts, clean water and hygiene, and shelter security in the freezing winter and heavy rain season.


Today’s piece of my writing grew out of my own learning about IDPs lives and accepting the reality and how to improve their lives.

Thank you IDPs for teaching me about life and challenge in different situations.

Reported by
JP Marip
Canada 🇨🇦


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